Nikah Mutah

Nikah Mutah

A declaration of the intent to marry and an acceptance of the terms are required as in other forms of marriage in Islam. The iddah is intended to give paternal certainty to any children should the wife become pregnant during the temporary marriage contract. This was primarily used by those who could not stay at home with their wife and traveled a lot. For example, a traveling merchant might arrive at a town and stay for a few months, in that period he may marry a divorced widow, and they would take care of each other. When he has to leave to the next down, the marriage is over, and he might sign a mut’ah contract at his next place. Although in modern times such a thing is considered obsolete, due to the availability of fast travel, and primarily exists in Iran and Shia regions for sexual pleasure reasons as a means of Halal dating. It can apply to marriage the nikah mut’ah or to the Hajj the obligatory pilgrimage the Mut’ah of Hajj. Mut’ah is a sensitive area of disagreement between those who follow Sunni Islam for whom nikah mut’ah is forbidden and those who follow Shia Islam for whom nikah mut’ah is allowed. When discussing nikah mut’ah, Shi’ite theologians argued that the historic Sunni scholar Malik ibn Anas supported the practice. The Shi’ite theologians persisted and nikah mut’ah was legalized for the twelver Shia during Akbar’s reign.

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Mutah marriage in lahore

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Last Updated: September 12, References. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. There are 15 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 83, times. Learn more Mutah, or Nikah Mut’ah, is a temporary marriage in Shia Islam that ends after a fixed period of time.

Whats Wrong with Mutah? A true Story

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Shia mutah dating. Please send shia articles to Mutah1 lycos. The Experience Of A Female Revert This is an excellent account dating a sister who has had to.

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What is mut’a marriage – and why it may be difficult for India’s Supreme Court to invalidate it

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Temporary Marriages Revived In UK Shia Muslim Community We both wanted to date, to go out for dinner or go shopping and just get to.

In fact, it can be argued that the Shia institution of temporary marriage is superior to live-in relationships, particularly those that do not endure for long. It saw a revival after the Islamic Revolution swept the Pahlavis from power in , not least because Shia clerics consciously injected it into public discourse to reify it.

The rules for drawing sigheh are set in stone. For instance, the contract for temporary marriage can be drawn for one hour to 99 years; it cannot be for an indeterminate period. Either of the couple can conduct it. The contract can also lay down other conditions. The marriage automatically dissolves at the end of the stated period. Thereafter, regardless of how short the marriage was, the woman has to observe sexual abstinence for the length of two menstruation cycles.

That determination is needed because children born of temporary marriage enjoy the same status as their siblings born of a permanent marriage. After the contract expires, the temporary husband and wife can renew it. The husband has the unilateral right to revoke the contract, but must pay the amount agreed upon. The woman, theoretically, cannot revoke the contract — a mark of her subordinate status — but she can refuse to be intimate with him, even leave him.

In that case, she must pay back a part of the amount agreed upon.

Temporary Marriages Revived In UK Shia Muslim Community

Please send shia articles to Mutah1 lycos. The Experience Of A Female Revert This is an excellent account dating a sister who has had to deal with the mutah standards of Shia communities. It is an excellent reminder of what mutah when both individuals and girls think and behave ignorantly about an institution of Islam which was avidly pronounced as legitimate by the Holy Ahlul Bayt a.

The need for reform is made crystal clear. But are a student with no money?

Mutah. According to the Shias it is a very good deed to use women after has happened till date) described about Mutah are ten-fold in divorce after Nikah.

My experience was a positive one. My hubby and i had a 1 year muta when we first met. It enabled us to live together and be emotionally, mentally and physically intimate and get to know each other properly whilst we decided if we had something that we could make permanent. We said the marriage formula under a tree in a park the botanical gardens were closed on a beautiful spring day. My dowry was that he read to me at least once a week, preferably religious texts, although more often than not it ended up being silly stories, which i love also because he does all the voices and is very expressive.

Anyway, it worked for us. It was a healthy, practical, responsible and positive way to go about things in my view, there was no deception involved or manipulation, just 2 ppl who were falling in love and wanted to get to know each other in a deeper sense and experience the dynamics of living together before making a serious long term commitment to one another with all the responsibilities that entails.

We both saw it in this circumstance as a way of halal ‘dating‘ if you like and im very happy that this option was open to us. Let me be just tell you something, before this thread goes on till kingdom come. Negative or Positive experiences are all relative to the type of partner you contract the marriage with. The outcomes are all dependant on this single fact. I guess most of us that lurk in the Mut’ah threads are hyped up bunnies about Mut’ah, yet have never contracted it ever.

I speak to myself, first and foremost. But, hey, i’m still young.

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Is there anything in USA like a temporary marriage similar to what Iran Shia Muslims do However, it differs from the Islamic muta’a relationship in that in dating.

Some cultural and religious practices just keep going on and on for centuries without ever being questioned. No one asks what good they are or who truly benefits from them or why they are still in place after years. Nikah Mut’ah and Nikah Misyar , for instance, are some of those religious customs that perhaps seemed relevant in the seventh century, but today, to many Muslims, they are outdated and geared only for the benefit of Muslim men, with little or no advantages for the women.

They are outdated and geared only for the benefit of Muslim men, with little or no advantages for the women. There are other nikahs such as Nikah ‘Urfi , which is a Sunni marriage custom that requires witnesses but is not to be registered with the state or government, and let’s not forget Nikah Halala , which insists that a divorced woman marry someone else and consummate that marriage and then divorce him before she can remarry her previous husband, if that is what she really desires.

These religious traditions continually undermine the rights of women and constantly remind us all of who is in charge and who is the dominant gender in Muslim countries ruled by Sharia law. It certainly is not the woman; she is not even an equal partner. Nikah Mut’ah, also known as the traveller’s marriage, is a temporary marriage that is practiced by Shia Muslims.

Nikka Mut’ah was initially designed for men who went on long journeys or to war and didn’t want to break Sharia law but wanted to save themselves from various sexual sins by getting “married” to a woman for a limited period of time. The same practice is still available for men today, even if they aren’t travelling or going to war. A man can make a contract with a woman to be his temporary wife for a certain period of time, which could be several hours, days, weeks or months.

No witnesses are necessary for this contract to begin, as Allah and the Qur’an are considered to be the only witnesses needed. He must pay the “bride” in some way dowry and when the time period of the contract ends then the temporary marriage ends also and the woman is alone—again.

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The previous semester, a fellow had asked me for help on a calculus project in one of the computer labs, and I helped him as best I could. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but a few months later the same man passed me in the hallway and engaged me in conversation. Gradually we became acquaintances. He asked me to eat out with him a few times and I cautiously accepted.

He is not allowed to say or write the termination date or even mention his The Shia say that the Quran allows Nikah Mut’ah: “So those of them [women] whom.

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