Antique Trunk Locks www. Locks for the so called early steamer trunks were first made by hand before In or around , trunk locks were made by machine and continued to be manufactured as such until the lates with some simple modifications for the present day foot lockers. The manufacturing of steamer trunks around became big business in early America which necessitate the need for trunk locks. Some trunk companies made their own locks but most of them bought trunk locks from large lock manufacturers. The most prominent lock companies in those days were:. Old trunk locks are identified by the patent dates and the manufacturer’s names and numbers imprinted on the locks.

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Jump to navigation. Stamford inhabited place Connecticut state. Linus Yale was the inventor of the tumbler lock. He died in New York on December 24, , never knowing that his company would become the leading manufacturer of locks in the world. Henry Towne expanded the company from locks to materials handling in

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Yale lock history has a very British flavour, although its origins are very much over the pond in America. It was the Yale family who invented the Yale Lock, which is essentially a pin tumbler lock. Based in Willenhall, this British company was a long established lock manufacturer based in the historic centre of the British lock industry. During this worldwide expansion the generic term of pin tumbler lock was changed to Yale Locks. In the first half of the 20th century in Britain, the Yale Lock had great prominence in the British motor industry.

In Britain, the entrance door lock with cylinder came to be the traditional surface mounted front door lock for many homes and businesses nationwide. We are a local company based in Rotherham. Our customer reviews speak for themselves, we are often chosen by South Yorkshire Police, local schools and Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council to secure their properties. We were trained by Benny Wells at Safe Ventures, we never stop improving our skills and work with Rotherham home owners and businesses, helping to secure their properties.

Read More. The history of the Yale lock Yale lock history has a very British flavour, although its origins are very much over the pond in America. To find out more about the history of the Yale lock, ring Stephen direct on if you are in the Rotherham area. The Versatility of Euro Cylinder Locks. The Strength of Mortice Locks.

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Yale is a lock manufacturer owned by Assa Abloy. It is associated with the pin tumbler lock , which is often known as the Yale lock. Yale are currently known as one of the world’s oldest lock manufacturers with years of history, with a headquarters located in Stockholm.

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One object of my invention is to provide a padlock with a seal that will close the key opening in the lock, the lock being so designed that the key cannot be withdrawn from the lock until the shackle of the lock is closed and is engaged by the bolt. Another object of the invention is to prevent the opening of the lock and the withdrawal of the key and the appliance of the seal to the open lock. My invention is used in connection with a lock. Referring to the drawings, 1 is the casing of the lock.

The key 8 is mounted on the pin 4, as shown in Fig. The key cannot be removed until the shackle 2 is closed and the bolt 5 is’in engagement therewith. When the parts are in this position, the encircling member is moved clear of the key so that the key can be withdrawn clear of thelock;. In this plate is a channel 12 for the passage of the sealing strip This sealing strip extends around the body of the lock, as illustrated in Fig. This sealing strip closes the key opening in the lock and prevents the manipulation of the.

In order to open the lock, the seal must be serted in the lock. After the key is inserted and the shackle is disengaged from the locking mechanism, the key 1s retained in the 5 lock. This prevents the sealing of the lock until the shackle is closed and locked and also prevents the withdrawal of the key and the appliance of the seal to the-open lock.

In a padlock, the combination with a casing having a key opening therein, of a shackle; a plate permanently attached to or forming part of the casing and encircling the key opening of the lock, said plate having a key opening coinciding with’the key.

Yale catalog no. 26.

Question: I have a fairly large padlock collection. What are some of the more collectible names that would give some of these pieces a higher dollar value? Padlocks began being mass-produced in the United States in the middle of the 19th Century; more than such firms have been identified by collectors. American-made padlocks seem to be the most popular among collectors, even though padlocks had been manufactured in Europe for a couple of hundred years before appearing in this country.

Iron and brass padlocks are considered among the most valuable. They should have company names on them to maintain their collectibility.

I’ve had a couple of Yale padlocks that I knew were from the 40’s and they were a lot less ornate looking, basically just rounded rectangles with.

In the midth century there were few locks in the North American colonies, and those that were available were copies or lock mechanisms imported from Europe. With the foundation of the Republic and a new period of economic growth, demand soon increased for sturdy, reliable door locks, padlocks and locks for safes and bank vaults. That became the start of the American lock industry. Many Americans had their own ideas about safety, and between and , American lock manufacturers patented some 3, varieties of locking mechanisms.

Lockwood Lock Co. Founded in in Fitchburg, Massachusetts in the United States, the Lockwood Lock company manufactured entrance door locks and padlocks, among other things, until , when the company was purchased by the Independent Lock Company ILCO , also of Fitchburg. Later, however, in , Lockwood was sold to Lloyd Matherson. Many of the British lock companies were members of the British Cylinder Night Latch Association, which came into being in Most of them operated in Willenhall.

Ltd , West Bromwich. In the company was converted into a limited partnership KG , which it remained until Wilhelm Karrenberg was succeeded by his son Friedrich. The lock company is still active today, in its original location in Velbert. Below are two WILKA locks from my collection; the older one, with a cast-iron housing, is from about and the newer one, made of pressed steel plate, is from about

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These pages are identified by yale towne trunk history identification keys – excellent. Yes yale and was made by being the lock. Solid brass padlock no if it is why i think it’s one? Attached is a number of small locks; auxiliary locks for yale and fired. An old yale model Catalogue of the like receptacles.

Yale locks are a popular choice with homeowners in Rotherham, but where do Along with Henry R Towne, it was Linus Yale, Jr. who invented the pin tumbler lock in Stay up to date with the latest tips and security advice from Rotherham’s​.

The Yale and Towne Manufacturing Co. With more than 50 buildings erected between and , the plant covered 25 acres in Stamford’s south end. It is bounded on the north by Market St. The original building is now in the millyard, near the northwest corner. Several structures were built near it in the ls but only one remains. During major expansion in factories were extended south along Pacific St.

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Meyer, Stamford, Conn, assignor to Ehe. This invention relates to a key operated tumbler lock. More particularly, this invention relates to a lock of the type in which the keyway of the lock is rendered inaccessible during the operation thereof, so as to prevent picking. Locks of the same general type have been known in the art for many years, one having been patented by Linus Yale in , Patent No. In the Linus Yale lock the key is placed in an opening and is moved bodily by rotation of a knob into position to set a series of tumblers.

Continuous rotation of the knob then acts to move the key and certain-locking mechanism, the key later being evicted from the look. Mechanism of this type is difiicult to manufacture and requires exceedingly large parts. Therefore, there is not a large commercial field available. My invention to be set forth in the present application lends itself to embodiment in a very small lock since there is no complicated manipulation required as in the lock of the Linus Yale patent.

A further type of structure relatively to which my invention relates, is illustrated in the Miiller Patent No. In the Muller patent, a key sets a series of tumblers, through insertion of the key into the keyway of a rotatable plug. Thereafter, rotation of the key plug by a knob moves both the key and ke plug. This type of structure is not efiective because it is possible to apply picking torque to the key plug and pick the several tumblers.

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